Who We Are

Kole Fulmine (Founding Editor) is a writer and researcher based in London. A PhD candidate in Creative Writing at Queen Mary University of London supervised by Isabel Waidner, their work focuses on writing neutrality and locating trans athletes in the wellness industry. They have recently been published by Jessica Kingsley Publishing in an anthology titled Transitions. They also organise community sports initiatives, including a weekly queer running group, in Hackney, London.

Benoît Loiseau (Founding Editor) is a writer and critic based primarily in London. He regularly contributes to international newspapers and magazines including Art Monthly, The Guardian, Frieze, The New York Times and The White Review. Previously, he was an editor at Sleek Magazine in Berlin, a culture correspondent in Mexico City, and co-founding editor of arts and politics zine …ment. He is a PhD candidate at the University of Edinburgh where he has taught Visual Culture and French Literature. He also mentors aspiring writers at queer youth charity AKT. benoitloiseau.xyz

John Philip Sage (Designer) is a graphic designer and researcher based in London. They design exhibitions, publications, workshops and other visual outlets. They have worked for the Tate, the V&A, University of the Arts London, Mozilla Foundation and Meatspace Press, and have taken part in art residencies in Fabra i Coats (Barcelona) and Balmaceda Arte Joven (Santiago de Chile). They are currently a lecturer at Kingston University and an associate member and tutor at STORE. johnphilipsage.com

Louis Shankar (Associate Editor) is a writer and researcher based in East London. They are currently a postgrad researcher at University College London, working on a project about the art and writings of David Wojnarowicz. As a writer, they produce essays and critical writing about queer culture and contemporary art, as well as some performance texts. They have a Pomeranian called Hamlet.


Spanish-born, London-based graphic designer John Philip Sage is responsible for developing the graphic identity of The BitterSweet Review. Sage has used the typeface “Kéroine”, designed by Amsterdam and Berlin-based Studio Charlotte Rohde. The magazine’s logo – a one-eyed monstrous figure – references the perennial vine celastrus scandens – commonly known as bittersweet – popular in witchcraft for its protective quality against the evil eye.

Friends & Contributors

Contributors to our inaugural issue include Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore (US); Adrian Bridget (UK); Emma Jane Gomis (US/ES); Tarek Lakhrissi (FR); D Mortimer (UK); Nisha Ramayya (UK); Spyros Rennt (GR/DE); Roberto Rodriguez (US); Vicky Spratt (UK); Diamond Stingily (US); Isabel Waidner (UK); Gray Wielebinski (US/UK) and more.