Gray Wielebinski

“So much vibrant work and cultural innovation comes out of the UK, but there aren’t nearly enough platforms and spaces dedicated to supporting experimental forms and work by queer and trans people. As an artist with a strong interest in the literary world, I’m especially excited about the forum for collaboration between artists and writers that The BitterSweet Review offers.”
— Gray Wielebinski, Artist

Kole and Benoît

“As writers and scholars interested in gender and sexualities, we feel that the media and literary fields lack opportunities for queer makers to produce experimental and critical works. We want the BitterSweet Review to provide a supportive space for writers and artists dealing with critical ideas that don’t always find a home. Above all, we want to nurture friendships: that’s where exciting works are born.”

— Kole Fulmine and Benoît Loiseau, Founding Editors

Isabel Waidner

“A literary magazine for queers and their friends is what I needed twenty years ago and I still need it now. The BitterSweet Review will be an invaluable resource for queer readers and writers, new and established. You know, when you feel less alone.”

— Isabel Waidner, Author (Sterling Karat Gold)